Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A morning alone.

The weather lately has kept me away from the computer. And I don't mind. I've been outside digging and moving rocks, and nurturing each little green thing that pops through the soil, and thinking and rethinking what I will do with my garden, hanging and folding laundry in the sunshine. I love this time of year, before there are any bugs to worry about, when it is comfortable in a fleece (which is the only jacket which fits me), when the sun is a vitamin D bath without the sunburn. I could stay outside all the time. I even made sun tea the other day, which is such a summer treat. Except on days like today, however, when it is a bit too chilly and pouring down rain. No, today I feel appreciative of my cheap Ikea red chair, which though comfortable, was not worth the money, nor was the matching couch, but that is a whole other story of impulse buying.

My boys are sleeping (even though we have to be somewhere in 50 minutes) and I'm getting one of those mornings that I haven't had in about 22 months. Where I can make my self some breakfast (and I am cursing the fact that I didn't get my decaf coffee ground yet!), curl up in a chair, and enjoy the silence and stillness of morning.

Raph is on vacation this week and due to the size of my belly we didn't make any travel plans, which is in fact a vacation of the truest sort. I can't remember the last time we had so many days that involved waking up on our own time and deciding how to spend our day. We talked about visiting friends in Boston and Martha's Vineyard, but so far our plans have dissolved as we've just enjoyed being together, the three of us. It's a nice reminder that we need to do this more often - not to fill our weekends and minutes too fully, but to slow down and enjoy eachother. Does this sound sappy? Give me a morning alone and this is what you get I guess.

Anyway, I have pictures to post, but I haven't downloaded them yet. I have a full rainy day ahead of me to make things like that happen, though so stay tuned.

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