Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obsessive Behaviors

Apparently toddlers can be obsessive little individuals. I've heard of little boys being obsessed with construction vehicles or some other big truck type thing. My kid - balls. This is one of his favorite pasttimes - putting his ball collection on the couch and then shooting them all one by one. Another favorite pasttime is going hoop-spotting in the car. He sees a lot more hoops than me - both real and imaginary.

Another recent obsession is letters. His definite favorite is "H." He finds it everywhere. Like on the butt of girls sweat pants. It is awesome when he starts pointing at girls butts yelling "H." He also knows A, B, C, D, H, I, M, O, P, Q, R, S, T, and W. That's half! He's really into at the moment. When we go to the post office and they have words on the rug, he freaks out. "B," he yells. That what he generally calls all letters and numbers.

My kid is also willful. We had a pretty good week except for Tuesday when he fully refused to wear a diaper after his bath. I tried the normal negotiations - "Makili do you want some sauce (apple sauce)? Ok...well you need a diaper first." Nothing. Nothing worked. So then I tried the old tackle him and put his clothes on thing. Got the diaper on and he tore it off and took it and hid it. So then I went and got a onesie and the diaper and put the diaper on and the one-piece outfit. He unsnapped it between his legs and pulled his diaper off again. At that point I was about ready to roll up the rugs and call it potty training. So I told him, "If you don't want to wear a diaper, you have to sit on the potty." He marched right into the bathroom and sat on the potty. I gave him candy for sitting on the potty. He sat there for a while (never actually peed or pooped in the potty) and then when he got tired he got up, went and got the diaper and brought it to me, allowing me to put it on him. Then he refused to take a nap. I didn't win that one.


Baby Bird said...

i am fearful of this happening to me. good luck. thanks for the laugh, hope you survive the no diaper wars!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the trick of putting the diaper on backwards. It thwarts (for at least a little while) the stage of diaper-offing!