Tuesday, July 06, 2010

(A lot of) Scenes from Our Fourth

We had a GREAT Fourth of July party. The weather was blissful and we were so lucky to see so many friends and family. Thank you so much for coming and spending a splendid day with us.

In no particular order are some of my favorite pictures, and sadly, I've already pared this down. There are just so many. So many cute babies.

What do three and four-year-olds talk about?
Gardiner doing some shucking.

Kids making felt balls.
Remick giving Rudy a REALLY BIG LONG hug. (we had to pry him loose)
Happy Birthday Makili (thanks Ann-ma for the Lightning McQueen cake)

Happy Matty with Rhiannon
Clyde (coolest name ever.)
Costa and Edie.
Watching the baby birds (who might have gone hungry that day as they were right above our heads.)

Grandma Gina
Jack using wool to insulate his ears and to embellish his chest hair.
The Swann family.
Remick tasting the icing on the lighthouse cake.
Beal Representation!
Matty and Tim and Rudy.
McCall clan.

My big 1-year-old.
Fullerton Fam.
Remick and his Opa.
So cute.
Laura and Oliviann.
Nicole looking much more serious than she is.
Painting themselves.

Self-painted boys.
Caroline and Suzanne.
Tim and Rudy.

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