Monday, July 12, 2010

Goodbye Grampy

Raph's grandfather Rudy passed away yesterday. Like my own grandfather, he was optomistic to a fault. Just last week he told us that the doctor had told him he could live to be 110. He was a man who was proud of a job, and spent the last years of his life working at the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota, FL. We went and visited him there once and he was so proud to introduce us to his coworkers and show us around. He lived his older years with total dignity - driving and working until the very end - a condition not all of us can be lucky enough to endure. We took this picture of Makili with Raph, Larry, and Rudy in 2008, but I wish Remick could have met him too.

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cowgirlwannabe said...

Please pass my condolences on to Raph. Hope you all are doing okay. Bring the boys over for a horseback ride.