Sunday, June 06, 2010

An Effort

It is a monumental effort for me to find the time to blog lately. I certainly cannot begin to chronicle the events of recent weeks. There is just so so much to do. It's a constant one foot in front of the other sort of thing, but it certainly does feel like there just isn't time for everything. Maybe that is because there is so much sunlight, that I don't get the down time at night to sit around and play on the computer? Not that I'm complaining.

Raph is wrapping up his school year (only 2 more weeks!!!) and we are planning our summer escapes - Acadia, Adirondacks, Branford?, and activites - swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking. We're planning and working hard at growing what we'll be eating and trying to not freak out about cucumber beetles and squash bugs. Argh. I'm so busy trying to get the last flowers in the garden for Blooming Fools, and our first market is in 2 weeks!

At the moment I have two sick kids and as life drags me along at this pace, I'm trying to remember to step back and enjoy some mellow moments. These are a few moments from Ann and Larry's last weekend.

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