Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old McDonald Past the Farm and other greatest hits

Below, Remick is trying to stand up to get the hanging ball. He had been doing this for a solid ten minutes, and can actually stand up on his own. I expect him to walk across the room any day now. Balls, by the way, are his favorite thing at the moment. He says, "Ba!" and if you ask him to go get the ball, he will crawl around the house hunting for one. He also says "hi" and "Ma" for mom, milk, and more.


Laura Matty said...

love watching the boys grow on your blog!

Emma Nowinski said...

omg, blayney - these little dudes are cracking me up!!

Anonymous said...

BLAYNE...thank you so much for the blog. The little girls and I just love looking at the pics and the should enter the standing ball one one America's funniest Home videos...too cute!!!

We love and miss you...and hope to see you soon.

much love, your sis and nieces