Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Take a Good Look

After we found the tick on Makili, which by the way has shown no sign of Lyme - no fever, no bullseye, etc, I decided it was time to cut the hair. It has also been in his eyes. It is a constant dilemma for me because I absolutely love his hair long, even though I'm a bad mom and half the time he has a giant gnarley patch in the back. In fact, he'd have this all the time if Raph weren't involved. But I just don't know where to go with it after it goes in his eyes, because I'm against the bangs thing. So anyway, this was the last look at long hair.And this is the face he makes at me ALL the time when he tells me, "I'm silly!" Some of the things he find silly, I don't find so silly, like hitting his brother with a block, etc., but most of the time we see eye to eye. I love the look in his eye when he sees me doing something out of the ordinary and it finally registers that I'm playing. Then he breaks into a huge grin and says, "you're silly!"

He's been awfully joyful lately (when he isn't whining for us to buy him more Lightning McQueens) and I'm pretty much in love with him.

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cowgirlwannabe said...

where is the pic of the new haircut? you need to slow down girl, you tire me out just reading all that you do :)