Thursday, May 06, 2010

Over Breakfast

Makili: When I get big, I'm going to swim and skate.

Me: Oh yeah?

Makili: Yeah. And when I get big I'm going to cook food. And I'm going to carry Remick.

Me: What else are you going to do when you get big?

Makili: I'm going to play with my cars and trucks while you're busy.

Me: Wow! You will be big! Do you think you'll have babies when you're big?

Makili: Yup.

Me: How many?

Makili: Two.

Me: Really. Are you going to have boys or girls?

Makili: I'm going to have Lightnings (like Lightning McQueen)

Me: Are you going to have a job when you're big?

Makili: yup.

Me: What kind of job are you going to have?

Makili: A yellow job.


Anonymous said...

cuteness abounds!!!

Winter said...