Thursday, May 20, 2010


Coralie, my Blooming Fools friend, came over the other day with her family to plant some flowers and prepare some beds. We had earlier weeded a big bed and laid plastic to keep the weeds from growing until we were ready to plant. When we went to pull it off to plant our flowers, we found FOUR snakes. Coralie called our house the nature park because the last time she came over, our resident short-tailed weasel friend who is shockingly tame, was running amuk. I can only attribute the residence of these creatures to an over-abundance of rodents. And I have never been happier about visitors! However, Makili and I have been checking on the snakes since they quickly relocated to another bed with plastic. They are definitely doing more than talking in there! If we don't get moving quickly, we're going to end up with a small snake farm here I think, and though in theory I'm into the snakes, I am really NOT into the idea of a snake farm. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it and flashing back to the time as a kid that I was looking for salamanders on a river bed, turned over a rock and found a snake nest. Ah! Yikes. Anyway, they are cool (in small numbers and from a distance while eating the rodents.)

And I just like this hat and my kids in it, even if they don't.


Anonymous said...

Blayne, I remember that day like it was yesterday. Love you. Dad

anna said...

i am NEVER coming to your house now! sorry charlie :) major phobia. like, in florida, after seeing a rattlesnake in the woods, i honestly felt like there were ones around my feet inside our car when we left, and in my mom's garage, and house, and in my room around the foot of my bed when i went to sleep. i try to be good, but i can't help it! i like the name of your post.

Laura Matty said...

saw the link to skinnykidz as you know g could totally use one of those! her bootie is always showing!! and snakes freak me out too!