Monday, May 17, 2010

Birds of Prey

Our days are so full. The sun is such a nice visitor. We've spent countless hours playing in the dirt, going to the beach, biking around. I feel SO busy with everything that is going on. 15 hours a week of work has been feeling like A LOT! My boys are so cute and I am so lucky for the time that I have with them. Makili is funny kid these days, always cracking me up in one way or another. He learned to play hide-n-seek this week. It was fun.And this little chubster has a new habit of screaming constantly. I tell everyone it is like living with birds of prey. I feel like a hawk is about to swoop in and carry me off half the time. The other half the time I want to wring both their necks because Remick starts screeching and then Makili starts yelling, "You may not yell at me." And then he starts wailing and then well, the car rides haven't been so fun lately. This child is willful!
This is my family visiting me at work and the ensuing fight over the ice cream cone. I think Remick was doing his Birds of Prey impersonations on Raph's back too.

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anna said...

thanks for the laughs. they are so cute! zoey has been a random bird of prey lately. it's jarring. i love the last picture of your boys. raph's pants are awesome. glad you're having lots of fun!
anna (i might show up as eric's username...weird stuff happened when yahoo merged with google on my computer)