Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look Out! Here He Comes!

Remick is growing and changing faster than I can keep up with so I need to capture a bit of the here and now with my feisty little man.

Communication –

Remick uses four signs: milk, more, eat, and all done. He signs them constantly, all day and has been doing so for about six weeks. He loves being able to communicate with us and is SO mad if I tell him no when he asks for milk (like because he just nursed for an hour or something). In fact, I might go as far as to say that he yells at me. He also tries to “answer” the phone, and loves to play games with me like give me something and have me give it back, or throw something out of the shopping cart over and over or sort the blocks together. He loves to figure out interactions.

Eating –

Remick eats: bananas, grapes, potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, beans, peas, asparagus, blackberries, canteloupe, watermelon, and a few small pieces of Annma’s bread. It is impossible to feed this kid enough. He wants to eat all the time and whatever anyone else is eating. He grazes under Makili pretty much all the time, so there are quite a few foods that ought to be on the above list, but aren’t. It has really put some fire under my under-fired-up vacuuming urges. Larry fed him chocolate cake crumbs which he loved apparently?

Moving –

I thought Remick was going to start walking soon, but then he found the speed switch on the crawling and really cranked it up and now he’s so damn fast he doesn’t have much reason to want to walk. Though since he started standing unassisted, you never know? I love to see him crawl really fast, though, with his body moving like a snake, from side to side. And now that it has been warmer and he has been without pants, he cracks me up trying to avoid putting him knees down. He crawls on his feet and hands or with one knee and the other toes. It’s pretty funny.

Sleeping –

Raph and I have been sleeping in Makili’s room for a while now in part because we have an air filter in there which really mutes all the other noises in the house, for example, Remick’s need to wake and cry for a minute every hour. In fact, the air filter does such a good job, I only know that this happens because every time we sleep somewhere else, he miss the damn air filter. I’m exaggerating, though when he was an infant, he actually did wake every damn hour. If he had his way, I think he seriously would like to get up every 3-4 hours and be nursed back to sleep. BUT, he’s doing well in other ways. We are pretty much getting to the point where we can read him a book, give him the pacifier and set him in his crib, turn off the light and shut the door, and he goes to sleep on his own! That seems like a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Personality –

Feisty. Willful. Affectionate. Social. Curious. When Makili was a baby, if I told him no, he would cry. Remick just looks at me and laughs and then continues right on doing whatever I tell him not to. I’m already worried about what his adolescence is going to look like. He loves to climb stairs, eat dirt, pull my earrings, chase Makili. He is so lovey-dovey though. He melts into a big pile of smiles any time anybody (other than me) looks at him. It’s quite cute. I call him my stinky Buddha lately, though I also call him stinkerinker. He’s still a chubby babe and I could eat him up if he’d ever hold still long enough for nibble. He has no time for diaper changes. He has quite a temper and gets super mad when you hold him down for diaper changes.

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