Saturday, January 02, 2010

Reflections and Hopes

I have so much to post at the moment, and my Dad gives me a hard time if I go a few days with no posting, but I really wanted to pause and think about this last year and what I look ahead to in 2010. I had hoped to put on a slideshow from 2009, but I have too much on my plate at the moment, so instead, here are a few pictures of our snowy hike yesterday. Raph and I decided that we wanted to start 2010 off outside as a family, so we did a mile hike. Makili hiked about 1/4 of it and got a sled ride for the rest. Our family picture turned out a little blurry and without much Remick. Oh well. Makili and Remick both fell asleep, and yes there was a bit of whining and crying at the beginning, but ultimately we had a great time and it was beautiful.

In the car yesterday, Raph and I discussed our "highlights of 2009." I know I'm forgetting some, but I thought I record a few. In no particular order.

Highlights of 2009:
  • Remick's birth (duh!) - we both have fond memories of the midwife and the nurses on call and having many people visit us. More than anything the elation the moment he was born.
  • Getting to spend a month with my niece, Brittany, who came to help us out after Remick was born. Specifically swimming in the tidal water at Crocket Neck and Newfound Lake in NH. Making ceramic frames with her. Watching her pitch with the Matty's. Playing soccer with her. Raph watching the storm approach with her in Bramford. Hiking Rattlesnake Mtn with Brittany and Ann.
  • Christmas - skating on the pond, Makili's excitement
  • Makili swimming in a pool for the first time for his 2nd bday.
  • Raph new job, which has been a terrific fit thus far
  • Soccer - Raph and I have both begun playing in a league and that has been wonderful for both of us.
  • The Beal convergence in Maine in October. Meeting Luke and Faith.
  • Our annual Fourth of July party - wild weather and so many family and friends we love (and good Beal representation!)
  • Watching Makili delight in dumping water on my Dad's feet over and over again at Fort Foster.
  • The Tobey Family Reunion at the barn where Raph's great great grandfather worked and lived.
  • Completing the greenhouse and getting the pile of building materials and trash out of the driveway!
  • Feverishly "making" for the craft fair at the beginning of December.
  • Potting and repotting 297 tomato seedlings with Tim and Tamara (even if they all got wiped out by the blight)
  • Bagels. Ann's bagels specifically.
  • Terrific success with garlic, potatoes, leeks, onions, and brussel sprouts. And raspberries and pears.
  • Trip to New Orleans in March, a place I'd always wanted to go!
  • Playing late-night bananagrams in The Friendly Toast with Ethan and his girlfriend Christina.
  • Taking 25 exchange students skiing last Feb. (and we're gearing up to do it again!)
  • Drinking loads of sun tea and soaking up family love in Bramford in August.
  • Sharing many amazing meals with Tim and Tamara, godparents.
  • Having Makili get to spend a big block of time with my mom while she was here waiting for Remick's birth. Specifically I can just picture the two of them in the pouring rain in their rain coats, Makili jumping in puddles, and my mom soaking wet in her non-waterproof coat.
  • Playing in the tidepools at York Beach with the McCall clan.
  • Makili's tractor costume. Trickortreating with the Masterson's. The outdoor train set-up was pretty great.
  • Meeting my newest (not for long!) niece, Kaylee.
  • The ultimate frisbee competition, with custom designed frisbees, in Arkansas, last Feb.
  • Watching Larry share his love of tractors, and engines in general, with Makili.
  • Watching Makili's language unfold.
  • Playing with Kane in the leaves at the Weyant's house in November.
  • Placing 16 exchange students.
  • Larry changing a poopy diaper.
  • Seeing John and Gwen, Hawaii friends, in November. We're really making a plug that they move back East!!!
  • Being present at the 4th annual Blackpointe Chowdafest. Sitting on the rocks in the sun with good friends - Camille, Emma, Becky. Seeing Camille and Pascal together.
  • Running a 5k for the first time.
  • Kayaking to the lighthouse with Raph and Makili.
  • Meeting Raph's cousin's newest baby this week - Ploy Isabella Huber (pix to come.)
This list grew as I started typing it, and could probably grow more, but I need some sleep. So the "goals for 2010" will have to wait until tomorrow.

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