Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two and a Half!

As of today, Makili is officially two and a half! Already! He is a joy. A sweetheart. A love. I can't believe how the time flies.

He is such a little man these days (until you tell him he can't have the tractor or something and he melts into a pile of hysterical sobbing on the floor - then not so manly.) He communicates everything, and uses phrases daily that I didn't even know he knew. He'll say "I'm excited about this excavator." or "You're making me crazy." (no idea where he got that?) He is getting really good at, "May I please have a _____?" If asking normally doesn't work he rephrases it that way and tries again.He is still completely. and totally. TRACTOR OBSESSED! Here you see him modeling the tractor towel I made him for Xmas which we opened a bit early. I have learned so much more about tractor than I ever hoped to. I'm really tired of reading tractor non-fiction books too. When will he move on?
Makili's favorite thing to do in the snow is to have me draw tractors. He likes to go outside, but really only if I go with him. He has gotten quite needy all of a sudden this week. We went to a Xmas eve party tonight and he practically had to hold my hand the whole time. He freaked out (and cried) when "Santa" showed up. He has been hesitant about a lot of things lately - ice skating for example. He talks a lot about doing it, but when the time comes, he is not so confident. He is funny though because he knows when we want him to do something and will tell us, "I'll do it tomorrow." For example, "I'll poop on the potty tomorrow." or "I'll blow my own nose tomorrow." (These would be conversations with Raph, fyi.)
I can't believe in all my recent pictures of him I don't have a single one of his radiant smile. I'm going to have to work on that. In any case, he seems to be growing a lot recently too. He has just about lost his toddler belly and is growing into a kid body. Boo hoo. (Thankfully, Remick has a whole lot of belly left.)
Makili continues to love puzzles and be awesome at them. I can tell him (sometimes) to go do a puzzle and he'll get out one of his 24 piece puzzles and do it himself (too fast) and say, "I did it!" He also continues to be super-coordinated. He is awesome at soccer (confirmed by several sources not related to us!) and loves to try to hit a ball (we have a whiffle ball tied to a tree that he hits frequently.) It is a daily battle to get him to not throw things in the house.

I could write a book about my big guy, but alas it is Xmas Eve and there is work to do! Here is our little Xmas corner in our tiny house. It looks a bit different now, with stockings overflowing and all...

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