Friday, September 18, 2009


We took a family trip to Portland recently, which involved a lot of stuff, and culminated in picking up an exchange student at the airport. We went to the Portland Narrow Gauge Railroad, which has received rave reviews. We really weren't that impressed, and on top of it, it was civil war reinactment day, which basically consisted of the following.

Two women in civil war garb were seated on the train with us (taking up lots of room in their giant dresses). When the train slowed down so as to begin heading back the same track we had come on, on of the ladies said to the other in a melodramatic voice, "Are there supposed to be men on the track today? Oh, no! Rebels!"

At which point, the men in garb jumped off the train and shot their muskets at each other for a while. This picture actually makes it look much more eventful than it was. One ran our direction and was "captured" by the guys on our train. The worst part was that the guns were REALLY loud and Remick did NOT like them and wailed the whole time. Not what I paid for. Makili liked the train though.

We also went to Crescent Beach STate Park, which was fairly nice, but Raph doesn't like sandy beaches (what a pain!) so he complained a bit. We went for a nice walk though and it was absolutely idyllic weather!

And then we went out for dinner at our favorite Maine vegetarian restaurant, stopped by the Children's Museum to burn some time! And then we picked up a total peach of an exchange student! It was a good day!


Dana said...

What's your favorite Maine vegetarian restaurant? I grew up in Cape Elizabeth, home of Cresent Beach. Beautiful place!

hippiepotomus said...

Green Elephant - ever been?