Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Months Blowing By.

My little guy turned 3 month old two days ago and it's taken me this long to get to this post. Life is busy!!! But good busy. Full. Kids, friends, gardening, work. That is about it! If only we could get sleep to figure a bit more prominently into that list, we'd be set.At 3 months, this guys is pretty sweet. He LOVES me! He spends endless amounts of time cooing and smiling at me. He is SO verbal. He will talk to himself in the back seat of the car for like 1/2 hour straight. He is generally an easy baby EXCEPT for sleeping. We had gotten to a good place where he'd sleep for 4-6 hours streches, but now we're back to waking every hour or more! Ouch. Not so much for nursing, just because he wakes up. And the thing about Remick is that though he's smily and cute half the time, he tends to be a wailing siren the rest. He wants things a specific way and won't stop wailing till you figure out that he wants to be swaddled, with a pacifier, left in the swing with the white noise on. Any variation on that recipe and he wails. So needless to say it takes a while sometimes to figure out what that recipe is, as it changes.
Remick very steadily holds his own head and likes to be sitting up (or standing) most of the time. He gets bored and likes to have new scenery (unless of course he's looking at me). He spends so much time looking at faces and taking things in, which is so different from Makili. I think Remick is going to be an earlier talker than Makili. I was telling Raph the other day that I think I could start signing to Remick now and he'd be signing back at 6 months.

Remick is in the heat of learning to use his hands. We picked up an exersaucer yesterday from Nadine's pre-yardsale and he's been digging the short periods of time he spends in there. And I don't think that I'm going to be as lucky with Remick and I was with Makili in terms of not putting things in his mouth. He already likes to have his hands in his mouth all the time, and yesterday he got a plastic bag in his hand when I was changing Makili's diaper and it went straight to his mouth. Uh Oh.

He still likes music and is generally soothed by listening to music, both at home and in the car.

He still tolerates his big brother's incessant doting admirably. I can't wait to see how thier relationship develops...

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