Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Away

We had a terrific weekend at Ann and Larry's last weekend...

Raph showering Brittany with his love at the lake.Family hike.

My big boy.
Taking Cricket and Maybe for a ride.

My chunky monkey at the beach.
Rare moment.
"You can't see me pooping behind this tree."
My 19-year-old, I mean 13-year-old niece in Judith's garden.
Watching the excavator.
Eating children. Yum.
Utter cuteness.
Soulmates. remick would not sto smiling at Helen, one of the residents at the assisted living home, where Ann is the cook.
Attempt at a family portrait on top of Rattlesnake Mountain.
Diving into Webster Lake. Makili liked pushing Brittany in a whole lot and also jumping in to us.

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Winter said...

When you say "my chunky monkey" are you referring to Raph or Remick? hehe