Monday, July 06, 2009

Scenes From Our Fourth

The birthday boy.His favorite thing - the beach!

Too many Mattys!

The tractor cake.
Even Uncle James does some baby-holding.

After the brief monsoon.
Beal representation.
"I REALLY want thid dog!
Only missed a portion of the party this year (slept through much more of it last year!)
Grace and Remick

The original Fort Foster crew.

The godparents.
Craft table was a hit!
Dragonfly attended the party with Sally.
"What chocolate cake?"
"I love a party!"
Correct response when a whole lot of people sing Happy Birthday to you.

1 comment:

Baby Bird said...

looks like you had lots of fun! looks like remick likes to sleep!
i love the picture of makili laying in the sand in the beginning of the post. we took zoey to the ocean for the first "real" (she's old enough to walk around on her own)time today. she couldn't walk very well on the sand...but loved it anyway.