Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday was my first full day alone with my boys. And it was a LONG one. Raph left at 6:00am and didn't get home until 6:30 last night, by which time I was about to lose it altogether. At 4:00, when he was getting ready to leave Boston, I talked to him and was so proud of myself because I had had a great day! I had taken the kids to Haverhill, MA to a kids' play center (it is still raining up here!!!!) with Nadine and her kids. That was a breeze and Makili had a terrific time. Then, I got both of them to nap at the same time (miracle!) and was able to make dinner. I felt like a champ. But boy that last 2.5 hours nearly killed me. Makili is very into being a big bother, I mean brother. Just kidding. Seriously though, he wants to sit on my lap every time I nurse and hold Remick's hand, or "kiss" him, which means to lay his head on Remick's face. If Remick is laying on the couch, Makili wants to "lay next to baby" which means wriggle and toss and turn and nearly whack the poor baby with feet or hands or lay on him altogether. Makili really has the best of intentions and I'm greatful he's not whacking Remick purposefully or anything like that, but it is exhausting.

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klunker said...

congratulations on making it through your first solo day! i'm impressed you were able to take photographs on your first day alone. how close are you to haverhill, ma? that's were mike grew up, and i'm going to be in the area towards the end of july.