Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our days

I haven't taken as many pictures lately as I would like. What can I say? My hands have been full of other things. My parents just left this morning after a terrific week. We had four or five sunny days which might actually be more days than we've had ALL summer! We spent a lot of time at the beach and in our backyard, and it was absolutely lovely. The kinds of days which are the reason that we were excited to live in Kittery.
This was Makili getting super excited to dump water on my dad's feet over and over again!

Brittany likes to say that she was taking a picture above, but we're pretty sure she was texting since she managed to send 329 texts in one day (her mom called to make sure that didn't happen again!) We're excited to have her here helping out for the rest of the month. Or I should say I am excited to have the help. I think Raph is just excited for another playmate!

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Anonymous said...

wow, dad looks great in a bathing suit!
All the pics are priceless...but the one of
Britt is so apropro. But no pic of Britt in
her bikini at the beach!