Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Last Visit

I had my last visit with my midwives yesterday. It made me sad. It is sort of a strange thing to have a relationship with health professionals like this - fairly personal, but related only to birth. I really liked them (and I'm not just writing this because they read the blog now.) We went over the medical stuff - they check Remick and I out - but really I like talking to them. It's like a mini-therapist session, when I share stuff I don't really talk about with other people. I so recommend having an "out of hospital" midwife for a new mother. We talked today about how having a C-section with a first child really limits your options for future births. There is just so little they can do to help move you along. We also talked about babies with big heads. Its annoying to wonder why your body didn't cooperate at ALL for either birth. Was it head size for Makili? Position? Musculature? Size of cervival opening? What I do know is that I am So thankful for such a healthy happy baby. Remick is so mellow and alert and alive. I am SO thankful. (Though I'd be thankful if he'd allow me to sleep a wink too - he was up every hour last night!) He's growing rapidly, weighing close to 10.5 pounds yesterday. It actually pains me to watch him groe SO fast. His new hair is coming in and his little head isn't as soft. BUT he also has started similing at me, which of course melts me every time.

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