Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cumpulsory Summertime Activities, Part II

First of all, this is the greeting that Makili learned from Uncle Tim: "power," where you touch fists together. Makili takes this greeting very seriously. And KAYAKING (kayak is one of Makili's new favorite words - he points them out everywhere.)
Mom, the proud paddle holder.
Brittany and Raph posing for the vacation brochure.
You can't tell but that is Raph, Makili and I. (Rest assured Remick was deemed too young for the kayak ride. Grammy and Opa babysit.)
Touring snacks.
And well, you gotta have a speedo at some point in life right? Since we have a French friend in our lives, Makili's time will be sooner than later!
He didn't really seem to dig it though.

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