Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here he is pretending to take a nap with his brother. This sort of thing never lasts long.

A month already? Yikes. That is scary. Remick is already one month old today. We're still getting to know him and learning to live together.

He's a mellow fellow sometimes. When he is awake, he is very awake. He stares around the room so alertly, smiles at me frequently, and is generally pretty enjoyable. He likes to be sitting up, holding his own head up. This week he started to enjoy standing. You can tell how intensely he is working when he is standing, as he spasms and grunts and thrusts his little fists out in the air. It is pretty cute. He likes to be held at all times pretty much, though occasionally he will permit us to lay him on his back to look around. These times seem to be more infrequent lately, however.

He likes to be swaddled and held in the nursing position to fall asleep, though he has definitely had more squawky periods lately where he is difficult to console. As an added bonus, he also decided riding in the car is for the birds and screams like a banshee which also brings Makili into the crying arena, screaming, "no baby no baby no baby." But we've done a few longer trips recently (like the two hour trip to Boston and back to drop of my parents) where he does verey well for a LONG time.

Remick also likes to be held sleeping at all times. This is getting quite old. Raph and I ordered a new bed this week, and are hopeful we might actually sleep in it together sometime in the next year. Right now, Raph has been sleeping on the couch, and we take turns getting sleep all night, which inevitably means neither of us sleep a whole lot. Yesterday he took his first nap laying down in the bed, which a pretty big milestone for all of us. He also doesn't sleep soundly like at all. My midwife recommended taking him to the chiropractor, where they will hang him by his toes and tell him he had better straighten out and sleep better. So sure enough we're going to try it. (Literally they hang the babies from their toes. I have no idea if this will actually make him sleep better, but I'm willing to try. Apparently babies dig it. I'll report.)

Remick has been sporting some serious baby acne for the last two weeks making his pictures less than becoming. I go back and forth about whether or not he looks like Makili. He definitely shares some facial traits, like that brow, but his head shape is certainly different, not being as round. And he has these chubby jowls that hang down.

Remick continues to receive quite a bit of attention from his big brother. Makili enjoys laying on Remick's face until he tries to nurse on Makili's cheek. Makili will then turn to me gleaming saying, "baby gave wet kiss!" I think Remick is going to be a Makili fan in the not-too-distant future. He already tolerates his doting admirably.

Remick also continues to grow quickly. He already weighed 11 pounds 2 ounzes at his doctor's appointment this week, and is outgrowing 0-3 month clothes. Boohoo. Big already. I can't believe it! We're excited to learn more about our little peanut and can't wait to see him grow more...

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Baby Bird said...

i think he looks a little like larry, or jack nicholson with those 'eyebrows'. cute.