Thursday, February 26, 2009


They say that Makili and Gabrielle are too young to play "together."  I'd say that is definitely not true.  They play hide-n-go-seek.   They give each other turns and watch each other go down the slide.  They draw together.  It is pretty amazing how well they get along.  They have similar temperaments - both observers, emotionally tuned into other people, both gentle.  Makili sees a lot of other children in a given week between the kids I babysit for and the kids at the family resource center where we spend some mid-week time, and I've never seen him get along with any other child so well.  It is uncanny and ridiculously cute.  

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Baby Bird said...

zoey is starting to play with others as well, it's really cool to watch. i read the same thing...that they usually play next to each other, but not with...guess that's not so right. love these sweet.