Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whew - Glad this weekend is Ending!

I don't mean to complain all the time. I read some other blogs and people spend all their time posting about the high points of their life - their shining moments. Not me, no sir. I am drawn to highlight the worst moments, our endurance of them. We had planned to come see Ann on Friday night. However we were forecasted to receive up to a foot of snow, which is not news that bothers us because we have a Jeep. I didn't however count on the other million people on the road in two-wheel drive vehicles trying to get home from work. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to the mall exit and back home (as we decided at that point it wasn't worth it.) This normally would have taken us 20 minutes. I was crying and fuming mad at the universe for putting all those cars on the room, and a little mad at Raph for no particular reason. Poor guy takes the brunt of my anger sometimes, even when it isn't entirely his fault (though I won't say he's faultless...)

Anyway, after I got out of the car after almost 2 hours, poor Makili had been really whining for about the last 15-20 minutes. I get him inside and realize he is burning up. 103.9 temp! Which would explain why he had been a bear all day, also contributing to my grouchiness. So I medicate the poor lad and feed him again, and Raph goes out to shovel, and also announces that he intends to go play hockey in Dover later that night (which I immediately assume is the reason he wanted to turn around.)

We finally made it up here yesterday morning, though Makili had been up several times the night before with a high fever. But we're handling the fever and in between peaks, he's a pretty happy kid, so we're not too worried. We hang out at Ann's all afternoon, watching the snow continue to fall, even though yesterday was our forecasted "day off" from snow. In the afternoon I went to meet an exchange student and talk about some stuff. When I got home at 6:00, Makili was sitting on Raph's lap listlessly watching TV (which he doesn't do). I could barely get him to move, and asked if they had take his temp recently, which they had not. So I go get the thermometer, do the ear thing, and my heart jumps a beat when it reads 106.4! Seriously!

I immediately announce that we're going to the emergency room. Raph and Ann sort of thought that there wasn't much that they could do, but I was not deterred. We packed up, called Nadine, for a last minute consult (also interrupting her date night - sorry!), and headed out. I have never in my life had such a pleasant emergency room experience. We were seen immediatey by a nurse who could have been a little bit more gentle with Makili, seeing as how after that any time a doctor or nurse walked though the door he would cling to me for dear life and scream bloody murder. Anyway, this nurse tried to take his temperature orally, which was the stupidest thing I could imagine, but other than that she got a history, sent us to register, and then we were meeting with the doctor in no time. She was extremely nice and cooperative with Makili who wouldn't let her touch him. She brought him a popiscle which he wouldnt eat (Raph and I reaped the benefits of that), and determined that he had an ear infection, which I now suspect may have been brewing for a while, poor guy. And while I've heard ear infections will clear themselves up on their own, this one had a provoked a fever in excess of 106 and made him very grouchy for days, so we consented.

Now we are waiting to return back to Kittery. And the forecast when we left was for 4-6 inches. That forecast has now changed to 10-18 inches! Are you kidding me? We have a few things to do before we can head home, so we'll see how the roads are. and all the other goof balls on the road! At least we have four wheel drive and ground clearance...


Baby Bird said...

i would complain too after that ordeal! there's always something worse happening somewhere else, but that doesn't mean it's peachy keen for you to have troubles. poor eric gets the brunt of my stressed out craziness too. thank God he's a really patient loving soul.

Anonymous said...

Meditate then move to California!!!!

rudolph said...

why the hell aren't you here in sunny Fl
with the rest of us????? Even Nanuk of the
north would have to hole up for the whole
winter !!!! do not leave your igloo again!!!!