Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crisis Averted

We made it. We survived the harried drive home, to find thigh-high snow in our driveway. We packed our things and made it to the airport and all the way to Pittsburgh, without incident. We were even able to catch an earlier flight and have our luggage show up on time!

But my camera hasn't been working. I keep getting "error 99" every time I take a picture, which as you can imagine has thwarted my interest in blogging, since in truth the pictures I take generally drive what I write about. But Raph, knowing of my deep difficulty functioning without a camera, looked into the problem and discovered that a messed up lens can cause error 99. So, for my Christmas gift (we don't generally give each other gifts - just the hand-made ornaments - more to come), he got me a lens. A portrait lens that is pretty awesome. It is a fixed 50mm lens, so I can't do the zooming I used to, but it has a kick-ass depth of field that is short and I LOVE it. So rest assured, I can shoot photos again, and maybe I'll get my act together to blog more often. That sounds eerily like a new year's resolution, but rest assured it's not. As Tamara says, "I don't do that shit!"

We were absolutely blessed with a 70 degree sunny day yesterday, so here are some of my first pictures with my new lens...


Baby Bird said...

is this in kittery? holy cow. it wasn't that warm down here even!

Emma Nowinski said...

look at makili go! man, that kid is a champ AND ridiculously cute. amazing.