Sunday, December 14, 2008


We're now at 60+ hours of no power, but my spirits are a bit higher after spending the afternoon yesterday at our friends' Ryan and Jess's house. We got showers and watched a movie, made a tasty dinner. It made a big difference. They're upset because they still don't have internet, cable, and phone, and I keep pointing out that at least they have working toilets!
Makili had a terrific time playing with Rachel, though there was a bloody collision between the two, in which Makili cut open his lip and smeared blood ALL OVER his face and hands, making it look much more gory than it actually was. Then he had a pretty worthy fat lip thereafter, which sadly I failed to photograph.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some reasons why I haven't posted much lately, though mostly, I've just been lazy. But there was this sickness, with the swollen eyes glued shut after sleeping
There were lots of spoonfuls of honey to help a sore throat. Makili really didn't mind this medicine much at all, as contrasted by how much he detested getting eye drops put in and saline drops shot up his nose and sucked out by the blue nose sucker.
And then there is this quilt I've been trying to finish FOREVER!~ I finally got it all pieced and added the border only to find it was 8.5 inches longer on one side! 8.5 inches longer is A LOT. So I have to take the border off and sure it up. For the record, it isn't the sort of pattern that "lines up" so it is a little understandable for it to be off, but 8.5 inches! I wanted to finish this up to I could get to work on a few Christmas gifts, but I think I might have to finish those before I finish this quilt! (That is of course assuming my damn power ever gets turned on!)
Plus there have been exchange student parties, some poor exchange student behaviors, some limited Christmas shopping and making of other kinds, doctor appointments, etc. So yeah, mostly, I've just been lazy, but there have been some other things going on.


emily said...

You can come stay with us! We can make yummy food, and shop on the internet and gossip about poor exchange student behavior over HOT tea!

laura matty said...

our electricity when out for about 5 hrs in the summer ..i was mad as a bear...can't imagine any longer than that!! brave brave