Saturday, February 04, 2012

A few pictures from the phone

In December, I dropped my iphone in the toilet. And got a new fancy iphone. I was super-careful with my phone when I went in the bathroom, so that it wouldn't fall out of my pocket again, and left it on the stove one day. When I came out I went to make coffee, and turned on the wrong burner, and essentially cooked my phone, which shockingly survived minus one of the cameras. So that sucks.

Here a few old photos though. The back of the house at the beginning stages of building the mudroom, which is now there, though not sided yet. But, we now have a door! And we're working on insulating it, so if there ever is snow we can put our boots in there:)

And in December I went to NYC with my kids. Here's my Ege with Lady Liberty.
and dinosaurs tails gifted to my boys by my dear friend Mary, who moved away:( and I need to call:)

I actually downloaded new pictures to post (shocking I know) and for some reason I can't get to them from bloggeR???

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