Thursday, January 05, 2012

Before I forget

I'm running a bitt behind, and I'm trying to get my mojo back, but I don't want to skip important markers of time, so

Before I forget to record them, these are some of the highlights for me of 2011, in no order except the order in which they hopped into my mind, and because I'm playing catch up, I'm sure I've forgotten some:

  • Fabulous, wonderful, magical gala wedding of Chris and Emily.
  • surfing with my cousin Caroline and her boyfriend Jake.
  • hitting NYC with 30 exchange students and my friend, Kirsten
  • pond hockey at the Moffats last winter.
  • meeting Ege
  • more focused success with the flowers
  • short, sweet visits with Nancy and Michael (who apparently play lacrosse) and Sarah and David (and Freddy in utero:)
  • Prescott Park concerts on the boat with farmer friends.
  • impromptu bonfire with the Fifields.
  • watching Makili ride bikes with Dre.
  • moutain biking with Raph in Vermont:)
  • Remick's unbelievable independent skating
  • flowers
  • seeing siding, some trim and a few doors put in their place on our lifelong house project
  • meeting Hudson
  • bamboo bike building with Gabe.
  • Suzanne letting us drop in on the Branford house for dinner with 6 extra people for a perfect sunset dinner
  • getting lost in the town forest with Makili and Remick
  • mushroom hunting with the Russians
  • getting to see Tuan when he came back as a college student.
  • watching Remick in his certainty that he is a big kid ALL the time. ie. trying to swim with no help and no life jacket.
  • Makili going through the chute at Barters' Creek for the first time with Caroline
  • running in the fountain on a HOT day in NYC with Gabrielle and Sam
  • a really nice unplanned back porch dinner at the McCall's.
  • thrifting with my sweet friend Mary.
  • eating Mary's homemade from their own cows frozen yogurt.
  • meeting my brother and his family for stolen moments in a deserted park in West Virginia
  • flying kites at the top of Agamenticus.
  • hiking with Morgan, with holes in her boot in February
  • water gun fights in the yard
  • Raph's homemade slip and slide.
  • Makili's amazing growing skills in the greenhouse.
  • Mitchell school playground
  • making saurkraut with Mary
  • discovering Mackey Skate Park
  • a lovely, restful trip to Pittsburgh in November in which train spotting was an actual activity
  • my parents introducing the kids to the Washington Monument in Washington DC.
  • Common Ground Fair
  • a really late night trip with Becky to hear Blue Grass with Camille and Stephane.
  • Nutcracker with Makili and Ann.

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