Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My farmer

My Makili is definitely my little farmer. (Remick is the worm herder/caretaker/torturer, depending on the day.) But Makili has his own little garden out there where he actually grew this amazing brussel sprout stalk pictured below. (We had already plucked the sprouts off.) He was so proud to eat them! And if you know Makili you know that he is pretty much all the time obsessed with something. Starting from birth those things include balls, tractors, racecars, and currently soccer. He takes breaks from these obsessions for sideline passions - gardening, puzzles, drawing, etc.
Makili is learning so fast these days. Two recent incidents totally made me stop and take stock of that. First the other day he saw a guy with a mohawk in the parking lot. He stopped dead in his track, and said, "Mom what is that?" I think I laughed out loud and told him, but it made me realize how he just knows what he's seen. And then while we were drawing the other day, he was frustrated that the wheels he was drawing on Lightning McQueen (I hope we move on from this phase soon) weren't right. He was drawing with pencil, and so I suggested he erase it. He looked at me like I was crazy. When I showed him what an eraser did, he went straight to the task of erasing everything. It was really cute.

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