Saturday, September 24, 2011

River of Hawks

The boys and I had a blissful day this week. We went mushroom foraging at Mount Agamenticus, and then flew the new kites that Opa sent them at the top. (FYI 300 feet of string is too much for a two year. I can tell you that based on experience after spending close to an hour getting said kite and string out of the trees:) We stopped and ate the first apples of the year. And then at some point I noticed the throng of people on the upper observation deck oohing and aaahing. We made our way over and noticed their binoculars pointed to the skies. And there above us were literally hundreds of hawks riding the air currents over the mountains. Turns out it is the hawk migration that happens every year. That day alone they had counted 1500 hawks already at 2:00. It was awesome. We loved laying in the grass watching them.

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