Sunday, August 14, 2011

More catch up: fun with Peter

So little baby Peter doesn't know this, but he has officially reached the age of babiness that I love and find truly irresistible. Lucky for me, Mary humors me and lets me steal him away sometimes. Because even though he is completely delectible, I also remember what it meant to be a momma who always had a baby in her arms, could never put him down. It's nice to have a friend whisk him away for a little while. So it works out for both of us.

My friend Mary and her husband are deeply entrenched in the workings of a dairy farm. Her husband is actually the vegetable farmer for the operation, but really they are half of the team that run the farm. All four of the people involved are first-generation farmers, running one of the few, if not only, organic dairies in the state of NH. They lost the lease to their land and will be moving the entire farm (roughly 100 cows, plus pigs, chickens, and people) this spring. Can you imagine? Luckily, they're moving into Ann and Larry's territory. So we can still be friends:) In the meantime I'm just going to breath in Peter's adorableness.

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