Saturday, June 04, 2011

Me Want Junk Food

Little Remick is quite a hoot these days. Aside from being VERY two and refusing to do anything cooperatively, he is also my little diabetic in training. Last week when we were up at Ann and Larry's, Larry asked me what he would eat for dinner. I quickly responded that he won't eat anything - he just likes junk food. So then there was a hilarious half hour when Larry would offer him something, and no matter what it was healthy or not, he would reply "Me Want Junk Food!"

This little one is quite certain he is every bit as big as Makili and therefore should be able to do ANYTHING his brother or any other bigger kid is doing. Yesterday we took the kids swimming. Makili is pretty good now having had a series of lessons this spring, and though he wears a "bubbble" is able to go about on his own quite well. Remick is quite certain that he can swim and spent the whole time trying to push out of our arms, jump off the side onto kickboards when we weren't ready, and even tried to swim out to Raph one time when Raph was three body-lengths away. He was a pretty good sport too about nearly sinking as far as things go. He and his brother spend hours jumping off the furniture together and creating obstacles and games out of it. "Falling on my face" is a favorite one.

Remick also has THE most dramatic pout you've ever seen. It takes in his whole face and makes his look rather funny. It cracks us up through and random strangers too.

We've also learned that bugs like him. He'll scream at night - "OW! Ow! My back (or leg, or arms, etc)." He screams so much that we'll go in there at say 2:00am and it will all be over a bug bite. It is rather exhausting.

My favorite thing about Remick is how he likes to hug for a like half an hour after he wakes up. He'll just sit on my lap and tell me stories and hug me around the neck. It is so nice.

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