Thursday, April 07, 2011

A sequence

In the span of one minute my guy can give me all of this:

This kid is completely adorable and exhausting in the same breath. He is really into flying (jumping from one couch to the other over and over again with accompanying noise), playing pirates (which includes a lot of swords), building forts (inside and out), eating, eating, and eating (if someone else has food, he should too. just ask him. this irritates Raph to no end), digging roads in the compost pile (I think I might have mentioned the impact this has had on the laundry load), and swimming (major improvement over his first lesson which involved encouragement, bribery, threats) He's still obsessed with Lightning McQueen, though it's not really genuine any more. He is instantly attracted to anything "Lightning" but doesn't really play with them that much any more. He whines a lot despite my best efforts to ignore it. He likes his garden a lot, but might seriously not see anything grow because he insists on raking it every day. He insists on dressing himself every morning, often the second he gets out of bed and will absolutely not let me make suggestions as to what goes together. And speaking of "absolutely" - this is his new favorite word. As in, "This fleece (size 12-24 month) will absolutely fit me."

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