Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did it really happen?

My mom was here for a week and I almost feel like it didn't happen. This is a busy time for exchange student work and I had a huge training yesterday. I pretty much ignored my children all week since she was here and I feel like I barely spent time with her:( I think my iron must be low, cause I barely feel capable of functioning lately which doesn't help. My kids loved having Grammy here, and Remick in particular would completely ignore me if he didn't get the answer he wanted and turn directly to Grammy to get what he wanted. Sneaky little thing. We also we lucky enough to get a quick visit from my Aunt Suzanne who came up to spend a bit of time with us. It was SO nice to see her. I am such a lucky person.

I'm feeling a little down and sad this morning. I'm tired and my day started off with Makili crapping on the floor (he was naked and thought it was a fart!) and Remick coloring all over the couch while I was upstairs doing laundry. I'm trying to clear out the greenhouse but we still haven't built any shelves so I feel like I'm just moving mess from one area to another. And on top of all that, my mom is gone.

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