Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not on my A Game

I've been wrestling with a fever today and yesterday, and had to go to work at the restaurant and for CHI anyway. Yesterday before I realized I had a fever, and was just plain exhausted, I felt like a couldn't even keep up with these kids.

I mean look at this mischievous look.Raph took them last night while I was at work and bought them this hockey set, and has now transformed the living room into a hockey rink. Hockey, apparently, is not a quiet sport.
Yesterday, the boys and I had tea together. Their new found interest in drinking tea is such a delight to me. It was seriously like half an hour of calm as we enjoyed our cranberry tea together.
And then there are always craft projects. On Thurs. I needed a "mom" moment and went and got a cup of coffee with the kids. I saw a friend there and the person she was with had a huge bag of these little wooden boxes that she gotten for next to nothing at a garage sale. She gave us a handful, so the kids have been having a fun time decorating them.

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