Saturday, December 25, 2010

Skate School - Christmas 2010

There's a bit of hockey love around here at the moment. Both Makili and Remick had a LOT of fun on the ice today. And skating wasn't enough. They were really only happy with a hockey stick in their hands. But, oh boy the unbridled cuteness!!!

We didn't have much money for Christmas this year with the house and all. And really having a house IS the best present of all any way. Raph really made me a happy though by making me a new lens. Yes, MAKING me a lens! He disassembled an old Holga and an old broken lens, somehow rigged them up together and then messed with it so that it would have light leaks and soft focus like an original Holga (check them out - they're cool). I told him - I'm pretty impressed: free, creative, resourceful, unique, unexpected, recycled. So perfect. These are two of the first pictures I took with it, but I intend to take more tomorrow.

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