Tuesday, October 05, 2010

An understatement: Busy

We've been a little distracted around here. It's tough to find our way to the bathroom.

I am in the process of emptying our entire house by Friday because...drumroll please...the roof comes off this weekend! OH MY GOSH! No stress or anxiety at all. We'll be living in a hotel room for a few months until it's livable. Except for next week when we're sort of homeless:) Again, no stress there:)

I spend much of everyday emptying the house, which started off as cathartic and fun and now feels totally overwhelming. Raph comes home and convinces me to take off on some adventure instead of helping. Yesterday for example, he convinced me to go on an epic mushroom hunt with the Masterson clan. This is a recent interest of ours and we are learning a lot. George actually eats them, I just like to pay attention to them and learn about them. I'm not quite brave enough for eating them yet. But the boys had a terrific day. Raph led us through an actual swamp, with the stinkiest mud ever, which was totally ridiculous. I'm laughing about it now. And Theo found a porcupine up in a tree. I was very proud of Makili for hiking nearly 3 miles on his own! He felt he had to keep up with the big kids I guess.

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