Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know, I know

Where are the pictures, right? Well, as you can imagine, we aren't living in our home right now and our headed to our third temporary residence tomorrow. This one will be our "home" until the read deal is livable, hopefully around Thanksgiving. Anyway, I found the camera! Now I just need to find the card reader!

We have a roof and it is shingled! The team accomplished SO much in the course of a week! Raph and our friend George were working in the dark trying to cover up the remaining holes in the walls, where the plywood hadn't been put up yet. There was only so much they could do though, and we did get some water in the house from that incredible storm on Thursday night. But, most of the ceiling in the downstairs was coming down anyway, so I suppose it isn't too big a deal. After we move all our stuff and clean my cousin's house today, we'll head over there and hang plywood and clean more stuff out so that the really messy job of taking out the ceiling can begin. Like with the outside, it will feel SO much better when things start going together instead of coming apart.

Anyway, pictures coming soon.

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laura Matty said...

i was overwhelmed by getting new floors installed...haha...thats awesome that the house is getting worked on