Friday, October 29, 2010

From the phone

So we found the card reader, brought it home, and before we could even download any pictures, Remick pulled out all the pieces and now we can't find the cord.

But I had some pictures on my phone. The first few are from the farmers' market.

Brave Boat Harbor hike recently...
Common ground fair in September. SO fun and I think it was worth the 4+ hours in the car!
Remick the cutie early this summer eating pasta, his favorite.
I HAVE to find the card reader, because I am just about dead from the cuteness of Halloween around here. I have one damn-cute pirate who walks around calling people "scurvy dogs" and a little robot who cracks me up. Besides, I have to start writing down the hilarious stuff Makili's been telling me lately. The two of them are just SO cute (and exhausting:)

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