Friday, August 13, 2010

A Goodbye Party for Rudy

We had a memorial for Rudy this week. We had two in fact, but I was working during the second one. But the first was at Fort Foster, and we were lucky to get to see many relatives we don't see too often anymore. Like any Matty event of late, it was a baby-fest, and I never tire of photographing the babes as they grow. I'm glad my kids are lucky enough to grow up with other kids their age in the family.

Rudy's brother, Uncle James, attended, along with a lot of Rudy's wife Virginia's family. Virginia died when Larry was 23, so we never knew her, but it is fun to imagine what she might have been like by getting to know her siblings and nieces and nephews. (Rudy and Virginia were both from families of 10 children!!!) The crew spread Rudy's ashes into the Atlantic there at Fort Foster, and they "divided the estate" which consisted of two suitcases full of clothes and old lottery tickets, which we're pretty sure aren't worth anything.

Anyway, some pictures from the party, mostly of the babes.
Virginia's siblings - from left to right, Bobby, Gardiner, Ruthie, and Lawrence.
The cousins (and sadly I don't even know all their names. Help me out here!)

Jo wearing Rudy's jacket while dividing the estate.

Little Rudy growing big to fill Big Rudy's shoes!

Uncle James is fascinated by the babes...

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