Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A new Day

On Monday afternoon, after relentless rain and being stuck inside, we got in the car and headed up to Ann and Larry's house. Raph didn't have work on Tuesday, so we decided we'd spend the night up there and get things done. Halfway there, Makili puked ALL. OVER. HIMSELF. in the car. We could have turned around right then, but I tried rationalizing - "maybe he got carsick," etc. We got there. He puked more. Then Raph started puking and didn't get off the couch for 36 hours. Remick joined in the action in the middle of the night too. While I did manage to get some things done, I felt pretty bad for bring Pukefest 2010 to Ann's house.

Today, things started out with a HUGE pile of Remick poop, which not only managed to cover his entire back, but somehow got all over my back too?!?! Gross. All over the chair (thank god for slip covers). Yuck. BUT then the tide changed. I went outside to take out the trash and a whole flock of geese honked at me in V formation over my head headed NORTH! That made me smile. I went to gardening class while Larry watched my kids (JOY) and came home to find no screaming! I went for a 3 mile run and when I got home, I found 16 garlic had come up and THIS:

And things are looking up!

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