Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils

While my mom was here, I got really ambitious about a project I've been wanting to try with Makili: freezer paper stencils. To be fair I got the idea from Amanda Soule's book (The Creative Family), but the idea is also all over the internet, so I don't feel too bad about sharing. It is an awesome way to make cool shirts or repurpose some old fabric (like Dad's ripped pants, which is what we used).

Start with a drawing (I traced this from google images, which I'm sure will disappoint my artsy friends, but come on, I'm on a timeline here with two kids!)

Traced drawing onto freezer paper (shiny side down). Cut out with exacto knife (obviously my job, not MAkili's )Iron paper onto fabric (again shiny side down). You can put a piece of freezer paper inside a t-shirt (shiny side up) to keep paint from going through.
Paint inside (or outside depending on your preference - we did both) the stencil.

Let dry for 24 hours (or until you're tired of waiting.) Heat set it by ironing it per the instruction on the fabric paint and voila! you've got awesome stuff. I heart this project.

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