Monday, March 01, 2010

About art

So I got this book at the thrift store for 25 cents called Young at Art. It looked interesting and I started reading about kids' development in various artistic endeavors. I realized that at Makili's age, he really ought to be doing more than drawing circles and H's, which is all he ever really seemed into. So I sat him down and give him a bit more attention and encouragement. And almost immediately, he amazed me. He drew this tractor and then a little later he drew me! I thought this tractor was pretty impressive though! It actually looks like a tractor.And this is the tutu we made for Gabrielle.

We're back on the grid now, but my mom is visiting so we're kind of busy. But I thought I post this while I'm thinking about it.

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anna said...

glad you're back on the grid, and you get a visit from you mom yippee! the tractor is awesome and tutu is immense. i'm sure gabrielle will love it.