Monday, February 08, 2010

Post 600!

We had a rough last week. Sorry for the lapse in posts, but with sick DEMANDING babes, my mental health was in question, and blogging was one thing I was not able to make happen. I blame it all on this:

Good ol' Chuck E Cheese. This was part of our Americana weekend. A birthday. Makili had an alright time though he was terrified of Chuckie. And I don't really blame him. In particular those mechanical puppets on stage with the creepy eyelids totally terrified him. I was happy to help celebrate Kayden and Brogan's birthdays, but I don't think that we're going to go there again soon. (Those posters are HUGE in there, by the way, and made Raph and I laugh.)

Since this is my 600th post, I'll do a mini-giveaway. Leave a comment between now and next Sunday Feb.14th at 9:00am and I'll randomly choose a winner to whom I will send a fabric bucket something like this. Good luck!


Baby Bird said...

600! whoah! i wish there was a way to turn our blogs into books. that way we don't ever have to assemble photo albums or organize our C Drives.

suzinn said...

I love following your blog and your wonderful lives. You are an amazing Mom.

Auntie said...

Your blog is a wonderful story of the joys and frustrations of parenting. Your kids are just plain cute too!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Makili sewing and Remick is getting so big! Hope we can get the family together again soon! - You should see all the snow we have - feel like we could live in Maine :) (Amanda)