Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm having a winter moment. I'm actually having an over-winter moment. I am over the 700 square feet that is suffocating me, feeling like I am constantly trying to dig out of a mountain of dishes and laundry and toys and diapers, as these things continue to rain down on me. I'm over forgetting about, then restarting the fire, lugging wood, sweeping sawdust, then forgetting about the fire all over again, and being annoyed to have to restart it. Here are some numbers about my week:

1 - Number of times I have already had to go outside today to get wood (it's only 7:30.)
2 - Number of days the current load of laundry has been wet in the washer.
3 - Number of hours of sleep I got last night.
4 - Number of times I had to restart the fire yesterday.
5 - Number of minutes I was in the car yesterday before the brake was clearly not working right, which will cost between 2 and 6 hundred dollars to fix. Extra winter bonus.
6 - Number of times in the last 10 minutes that Remick has tried to crawl and then started to cry because he's stuck on his belly.
7 - Number of times this week I had to change sheets because one of my children peed through his diaper on the bed.
8 - Number of days this week that I wished it was closer to spring. (that's how little sleep I got.)
9 - Number of times Makili said "Mama, please play with me" in the last 10 seconds. He does this ALL day long.
10 - Number of dollars I have left to spend this month under our new budget.

Of course, we've had some nice winter moments. Here are some recent pictures from skating on the pond with the McCall and Rohan clans. And it is getting a bit warmer. Above freezing anyway. "Warm" spell.

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