Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today He Made Me Laugh

This is my little engine man right after Christmas with his entire car/tractor collection. It is a bit disgusting, I admit, but what can you do with so many generous aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas, and friends, and Santa. It all adds up you know! (We are currently secretly rotating them for sanity's sake.)

Anyway this guy has been cracking me up today. My day started out kind of rough - scrubbing Remick's poop out of my sheets. Yeah, that's a rough start. My day also included picking up a waterproof mattress pad too, btw. Anyway, I was prepared for a rotten day, but it turned out to be a good one. Makili has been making me laugh all day.

While at Annma and Paka's over Xmas, he saw the movie "Cars" which as you can imagine was a hit. Paka promptly went and bought it for him and it has been on nonstop up there since. I finally had to pull the plug after 48 straight hours of Cars. Anyway, now that we're home, he's really been talking about Cars a lot, and today, he looked around and said, "Where'd the TV go?" As if we'd ever had one!

Later he starts walking around picking things up saying "I want our house to be clean." Of course, I'm thinking, "BE MY GUEST!"

And later, he asked for mango, even though it wasn't fully ripe. I cut it up for him and put the long slices into a bowl. They weren't juicy, so he went and laid in the bed with the bowl on his stomach lazily savoring each slice, saying, "This is good..."

He's so damn cute.


Anonymous said...

That is one great collection. Love it!

anna said...

oops, we bought makili 35 yellow tractors, should we return them? ;) actually, tonight on my escape out of the house (we are with one car right now) i bought zoey a toy dump truck. her first one...what is wrong with me!?! i'm also hoping my friend gives zoey a basket full of action figures, which is what her 3 year old said zoey needed. that is a good collection you have there though. a happy boy too :)