Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Week

So as of this week, Remick sleeps through the night and fully crawls, though not quickly yet, thank god! AND the big news.........

Makili uses the potty! I really have Raph's aunt Gina to thank for this. It has been on my list of things to do, since I knew he could basically do it from my last attempt, which we sort of abandoned over the holidays. But, he never really handled having pants on very well. It was as though if he had something on him he though it meant he could just let it all go... But Gina watched my kids on Wed so that I could go to my Master Gardener class (so cool!). When I came home, Makili ran to me to tell me that he had peed on the potty! And he's been doing it ever since! He poops on the potty. He uses the potty when we're out! We've had a couple accidents, including one really gross pile of poop in his brand new pajamas, but we're learning! (Retrospectively, that one was my fault...) I am SO excited!

I just asked him why he wasn't wearing a diaper, and he said, " Cause I want to be a big boy like Daddy." God is he cute.

There was a little bribery too by the way. I had to take him to Walmart yesterday to buy him a tractor after his first poop on the potty! We are super excited around here!


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hippiepotomus said...

I know! Wednesday evening, I wasn't s sure, but since then we've been full steam ahead! I'm psyched!