Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, part II

Well the craft fair is over! I sold $150 worth of hair clips, rock magnets, and seed packets. (no biters on the doily snow-flakes, hand-made cards, pottery, or quilts, but that's okay because I have lots of gifts!) I can finally pay attention to my children again and clean my house enough to walk through it. Oh and maybe speak to my husband instead of barking at him to take the kids somewhere so I can get something done. AND I can maybe get it together to post a bit more often. To be honest, part of the lack of recent posting has been due to the fact that I recently went through ALL the picture on the computer, printed out the ones I wanted (1200!!!), and have prepared them to be put on the external hard-drive, since we are OUT OF SPACE! So I've been waiting for Raph to move them and delete them and enjoy that 35 gigs of free space! That hasn't happened yet, but I got tired of waiting.

These are the pictures from the second half of our wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so lucky! It is on days like these that I count my blessings and enjoy the fact that I don't live 5000 miles away from my family. Though there is snow on the ground outside (we're expecting 3 inches!). I didn't have that when I lived 5000 miles away. Worth it though, I think.

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