Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Six Months Young

I did a little photo shoot of my little guy today since he is SIX MONTHS OLD!!! These are a few of my favorites. I can't believe how fast time has flown with this mini-man in my life. Just yesterday I was big as a house driving stakes into the garden. I can't believe it's December already.

This guy is growing and changing so fast! Yesterday I put him to bed in our bed and was playing trucks with Makili in the other room. I thought I heard him a few times, but he wasn't crying so I figured he was okay. Then I hear a big thud! He crawled/rolled/scooted off the bed! Thankfully we have a low bed now, but seriously I had no idea he could do that! Which of course brings sweeping changes into our little house soon! Makili has to move into a BIG bed so that Remick can have a crib, which means that Raph and I can't sleep on the futon in Makili's room any more because it won't be there, which means we might actually get to sleep in a bed together again without a baby! Here's to hoping anyway!

Remick has been sleeping better recently. We've actually started letting him sleep on his belly which seems to have made a tremendous difference. I mean, we're still up a few times a night, but not every 45 minutes!!! I'm thankful! I can actually stay up past eight getting things done because I can count on a little more sleep!

Remick continues to be a pretty mellow guy. He is so quick to smile and laugh, loves activity, music, and charms people so easily. He puts things in his mouth sometimes, but certainly not like some other babies, though that might be because he hasn't been given any solid food yet. He goes to the doctor next week, but I'm pretty sure he will weigh in on the heavy side again (see thighs above.)

I feel like part of a real family unit lately and feel very blessed to be surrounded by such great guys.


Baby Bird said...

so happy for you guys that he's sleeping better lately!

Laura Matty said...

great pics...love the chubs!