Friday, November 06, 2009

Shearing Summer

I wish I could say we were on the tail end of summer, but in fact we're headed eyes wide open into winter. Around here we're still trying to savor some of the last bits of "fresh" that we can find, while spliting and stacking the wood, putting the garden to bed and hunkering down with winter projects...

I know summer is over when I got Makili's blond locks off. It breaks my heart every time, but the poor kid was constantly trying to get his hair out of his eyes, so it was time! Here he is demonstrating his pockets, which he loves.Remick demonstrating cuteness, as usual.

The last fresh flowers from the garden. Makili walked outside the other day and insisted on picking them. And I thought to myself. You're right, Makili! What am I thinking? I NEED these fresh flowers in the house, because pretty soon I won't have the luxury! So I grabbed a pair of scissors and he helped me choose which ones to pick...

On Makili's one day of sickness (it wasn't the flu - Yahoo!), he really lived it up, watching Bob the Builder on the computer, drinking unlimited amounts of juice, and eating a lollipop, a new and agonizingly slow treat left over from trick-or-treating.
And amazingly, we are STILL eating raspberries. We each eat a handful every day. That seems like a blessing.
And of course we are still eating out of the garden. We're pretty much down to broccoli, leeks, potatoes, kale, collards, and brussel sprouts. I didn't freeze enough this year or eat enough really, but there's always next year and we're just trying to suck the last marrow out of that summer sun we're already missing!

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